Who we are

Marketers, designers, copywriters, branders, illustrators,
web developers,
tech writers, project managers & production experts   

Kallidus Group has over 30 years of experience in scientific marketing. Many of us spent quality time in the lab before realizing our true calling was finding creative ways to promote the science as opposed to the actual doing of it.

We now leave the science to you, but we can put the spin on it.


Names are important. Ours is a word blending that describes our marketing approach.

Kallos (Greek, beautiful) + Callidus (Latin, clever)

Managing partners

Jackie Richards

Launching new technologies is in Jackie’s blood. She has driven the definition, development, market strategy and global launches for so many products she stopped counting — but they run the gamut from instruments, software and consumables to web-based applications. Her mantra: it’s not about what the product can do, it’s about what the product can do for the customer, and every product message she coins speaks to that. Oh, and did we say she could write? If you read some marketing geek-prose that makes you stop, smirk and take notice, it’s quite possibly hers. With a BS in chemistry, she earned her customer service, technical, product management and marketing stripes over a 20-year corporate career at Dow, Dionex, Caliper Life Sciences, Axela and LiquidTalk.

Tori Muir

Tori’s ability to understand client needs, come up with creative solutions, and organize information in innovative and clear ways provides the creative backbone for everything Kallidus does. Blessed with a BS in molecular genetics (don’t ask), Tori has worked in and with biotechnology and life science companies for over 20 years, starting as a bench scientist and eventually following her passion into design and graphic presentation. Her background gives her concrete understanding of what your product does and why it’s great, rather than a hazy recognition that scientists use it somehow to do something. Her guiding principle is that design should complement and enhance content, never eclipse it or replace it — if your audience can’t find the information they want, the design has failed, no matter how pretty or cool it is. She has extensive experience in corporate identity, logo & web design, and marketing collateral systems.